Washing machine settings

Cycle Fabric Type Purpose and Speed
Normal / Regular Cycle Best for whites, sheets, towels, underwear, socks and heavily soiled items Removes stains and dirt; cleans durable fabrics. Uses fast agitation in the wash cycle, and a fast spin cycle.
Delicate Cycle Best for wool, silk, and any other, fragile garments that say “gentle wash” on the tag Gently cleans delicate items. Uses slow agitation in wash cycle, and a slow rinse cycle.
Permanent Press Cycle Best for jeans, many non-cotton items, synthetic fibers such as rayons, knits, polyesters and acetates Cleans every-day clothes that wrinkle easily. Uses fast agitation in the wash cycle, and a slow spin cycle.
Water Temperature Fabric Type Purpose
Cold Setting Dark colors, bright colors that may run or fade, delicate fabrics, lightly soiled fabrics, anything that might shrink Cold water saves the most energy while also being the most gentle on clothing.
Warm Setting Synthetic, permanent press fabrics, towels Good cleaning power for preserving colors without much fading or risk of shrinking.
Hot Setting Whites, cotton fabrics, socks, bed sheets, heavily soiled garments, baby clothes Hot water removes the toughest stains and gives garments a deep clean.